You Can Help Save Lives At Akparata-Effium Health Center, Nigeria

You Can Help Save Lives At Akparata-Effium Health Center, Nigeria



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Did you know that 19% of ALL global maternal deaths occur in Nigeria and that according to UNICEF 1 in every 10th child won't reach their 5th birthday?

Can you imagine living somewhere with no electricity or road access? What would you do if you needed urgent medical help?

AMURT’s Akparata Health Center is located in one of the most remote and neglected rural areas of Ebonyi State, Southeast Nigeria. There is no mains electricity and currently no road leading to the area so transport in and out is hazardous.

Lives are saved every day in Akparata Health Center.

  • Before the Health Center opened maternal deaths were 6 times higher than they are today.
  • 86% of babies were born at a health facility in 2019 compared to 9% before the center opened. Birth accompanied by a skilled birth attendant is crucial in saving maternal and newborn lives. 
  • 99% of pregnant women in the project area now receive Ante Natal Care compared to 7% before the center opened. This enables high risk cases to be followed up thereby reducing maternal complications.
  • Many children’s complications like severe malaria, anaemia, malnutrition and pneumonia, are successfully managed in the Center, as well as urgent blood transfusions.

As Akparata Health Center's reputation has spread, more and more patients come seeking help. Women are referrred to it from all over the Effium community and in 2019 it was positioned as a referral center for obstetric emergencies. The obstetric emergency services available, such as very affordable cesearean births, reduce delays and save lives. New born emergencies often accompany obstetric emergencies.


You can ensure we have MORE BEDS to accommodate MORE PATIENTS and SAVE MORE LIVES.

The community, many of whom are staff members, are fully committed to building the extension. They will take care of the labour and we already have a confirmed donation for the cement.

Your donation will go towards the rest of the materials and upgrade equipment and infrastructure needed. 

To give you an example of the costs:

  • Constuction of a new staff quarter will cost $28,200. This will enable us to convert the existing staff quarters into a new hospital wing to accomodate more beds. 
  • An incubator that will save a premature baby's life costs $2,200
  • A blood bank, which can reduce the time needed to obtain blood and save lives, costs $1,150
  • A CPAP machine, that will provide a mixture of air and oxygen, at the right pressure and right temperature, to help resuscitate and stabilize a newborn baby with asphyxia, costs $2,150 
  • A solar system, that will allow us to run the incubator, CPAP machine and blood bank which require more power than we can currently generate, costs $6,300 

Examples of lives that have been saved:


If you are based in Nigeria and would like to make a direct donation in Nigerian Naira you can either donate on the donation page here:


you can contact us and ask for bank details at the following email address:

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