Build Mecky a school in 2022 - the final stage

Build Mecky a school in 2022 - the final stage



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Build Mecky a school for 2022

Mecky* really wants to continue to study onto high school, but due to the Covid pandemic her school, Sunshine School in Laos, was in danger of closing down. Now, however, Mecky is excited as Sunshine is building a new campus. The amazing support of donors from around the world during the past year has enabled Sunshine to almost complete a new school building on the school's own property. That will mean no more expensive rental costs !! So, join us in raising the funds for the final construction phase. Only US$36,400 to go.

Sunshine School is a child-centered learning space in Vientiane, Laos. it was established in 1996, and currently has a school family of 320 students (from kindergarten to middle school) and 50 staff.

(*names are changed to protect children’s identity)

Mecky centre back

                                                      Mecky center back

Sunshine School, where Mecky learned to shine!!

Mecky was introduced to Sunshine School at age 8. At Sunshine she blossomed from a sickly, shy child of a disadvantaged background, to a confident teenager ready to face the world. Mecky is now 15 and in the final years of middle school. In Laos, children of low-income families such as Mecky’s often drop out of school before completing primary level. Mecky and her parents really want her to continue on to high school at Sunshine.

Sunshine is a place where students, like Mecky find safe, inspiring environment to discover, nurture and express their own innate abilities. Through the example of caring Lao teachers, students learn to cherish their own cultural identity and language. They also become confident in class studies, especially English and Chinese languages for global communication. Participation in extra-curricular activities encourages their community spirit and boosts their self-esteem.

Due to the Covid pandemic Mecky’s school is in peril

However, Mecky’s wonderful school is in peril and she urgently needs your involvement to save it. Due to the Covid pandemic, Sunshine started shrinking as an increasing number of parents starting losing their incomes. This has made it impossible for Sunshine to cover rental costs.

After many years of hard work, and the generosity of so many people like you, it would be really such a loss for children like Mecky if Sunshine Schoool is forced to close, when actually it needs to expand.

You can save Sunshine and expand its impact

Many years ago, Sunshine received a generous donation of land, so now is the perfect moment for you to get involved and build a new school. Your contribution will allow the school to expand its reach to 700 students, and grow from middle school to high school. You will also enable Sunshine staff to be free from the impacts of operating on rented premises. Then, Sunshine can continue to improve the quality and scope of education for Mecky and hundreds more Lao students.

Successful fund-raising campaigns resulted in the construction of the first two classrooms and a toilet block completed in November 2021. The second phase of fund-raising enabled the start of construction on a second larger building.

Make Mecky’s new school a reality

In April 2022, we started the construction of a two storey, 8 classroom building. With the donors' generous support we have now been able to complete phase one, two and three (see updates). With an amazing contribution from one of our main donors, we also have the funds for payment of the fourth phase. So, we only need to raise the funds for the fifth and final phase of construction.

The building work on new classrooms for Mecky and her Sunshine School friends is steaming ahead. Let’s make our fund-raising keep pace so that we may be able to continue to the fifth and final construction stage and see the whole building completed by early 2023.

Your heart-felt contributions can ensure that Mecky and her friends can continue learning, shining and growing in 2022 and for many years to come.


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